College Prep Workshops

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn these successful strategies before you step onto your college campus.

The workshop series consist of six hour-long workshops. Students will focus on following topics in Workshop #1 through Workshop #4:

  • Understand Your Organizing Style
  • Navigate Schoolwork & Dorm Life
  • Organize School & Personal Time
  • Apply Study Tips & Test-taking Skills
  • Develop a Personal Time Management Plan
  • Seek Out the Help You Need on Campus
  • Avoid Distractions & Get the Work Done
  • Develop True Grit & Problem Solve

Workshop # 5 will meet in August, before students leave for college, to review strategies developed in Workshops #1 through #4 and to assist with transitioning to college.

Workshop #6 will be an INDIVIDUAL session with each Workshop member and Marcella Moran, via video conferencing during Septemeber 23, 2017 through September 30, 2017. During Workshop #6, students will have the opportunity to privately discuss any concerns, ask questions, and/ or brainstorm strategies to create a more successful college experience