Organizing Style Assessment

What’s my child’s Organizing Style?

1. When your child is looking for his backpack, he asks you

a. “Did you see my backpack?”
b. “Do you know where I put my backpack?”
c. “Do you know when I last had my backpack?”

2. Your child responds best to a teacher who:

a. writes the notes on the board
b. makes her feel good about herself
c. runs a very structured and orderly class

3. Does your child prefer to:
a. watch TV
b. play a physically active game
c. play computer games

4. When your child is studying, does he like to:
a. have all his studying material within eye sight
b. sit in a comfortable chair or in his bed
c. have his computer or another

5. When your child is doing her homework, she
a. place the books she’ll need for homework out in front of her
b. tidies the area before she does her homework
c. piles the school assignments in a particular order before or after finishing the assignments

6. When your child is invited to a party, he
a. thinks the party will be fun if the invitation looks “cool”
b. thinks about what activities they will have at the party
c. wants to know how long the party will be

7. You have noticed that your child likes to
a. look at pictures
b. build with blocks or Legos
c. play with electronic devices

8. When picking out a book, your child looks for

a. the book with the fanciest cover
b. a title that makes him feel good about
c. a book about history or a biography

If you answered mostly “a”, your child may be a visual organizer; “b”, your child may be a comfy organizer; and “c”, your child may be a sequential organizer.