About Us

Marcella Moran, President

Marcella Moran, MA, LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist who works with families to develop positive strategies for students who are disorganized. She is the co-author of Organizing The Disorganized Child ( Harper Collins, 2009), along with internationally renowned Child Neurologist, Dr. Martin Kutscher.

Marcella’s unique skill of assessing a student’s learning style and identifying an organizational style has proven to be a successful strategy for developing personalized organizational systems for students of all ages. While serving as Coordinator for the Counseling & Psychological Services and for the Office of Disability Services at Fordham University, Marcella has helped students gain self awareness and improved academic support through individual and group counseling.

Marcella has given numerous workshops and seminars in the United States on various topics such as Organizing the Disorganized Child, Time Management, Study Skills, and Organizing the College Bound Student. She has been featured in many national and international publications such as Redbook Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, The New York Times, Parade Magazine, New York Time Out Kids, Chicago Time Out Kids, Your Teen for Parents, Claudia Magazine and Singapore Child. Marcella has also appeared on Martha Stewart Radio, Singapore Radio, Washington Radio and NY1 Cable Television.

Academic Organizers

Our Academic Organizers are a selective group of dedicated, enthusiastic, and super organized individuals who have years of experience working with disorganized students.  Since many of our Academic Organizers are teachers, tutors, and counselors, they have a keen understanding of all school settings and the daily responsibilities of a student.

At The Kid Organizer, every Academic Organizer is specifically trained and supervised by Marcella Moran.  This hands on approach by Marcella, ensures that every Academic Organizer has a clear understanding of Organizing Styles, the unique techniques and strategies within each Organizing Style, and how to assist each student to personalize and implement these strategies.

The results yield a more confident, organized and successful student.

Oh yeah, how could we forget… and happier parents!!