We’re in this together

At The Kid Organizer, we provide a warm structured environment for children, teens and young adults who struggle with executive functioning, ADHD, and anxiety.

Maximizing Potential

Whether it be creating a time management plan for studying, an organizational system for schoolwork at home, or strategies for reducing anxiety, we help clients to make them the most successful they can be in life.

Finding Solutions for YOUR child

No matter how messy or disorganized your child is, we are here to say that there are strategies to help everyone!

“At our first meeting with Marcella Moran, we were completely amazed at how accurately she assessed my daughter’s Comfy/Cozy organizing style. Marcella helped my daughter gain the confidence she needed to become more independent and successful in school. My daughter is now organized and on the honor roll at school.”
-Middle School Parent, Manhattan

“I wish I had met Marcella Moran when my son was in elementary school! My son was so disorganized before we met Marcella. He used to forget to hand in homework, lose his agenda (not that he ever used it), and would have such difficulty with time management. Marcella was able to give my son organizing strategies that actually worked for him. He’s using an agenda, handing in homework on time, and able to plan out his time for long term assignments. Marcella was a life saver!
-High School Parent, Armonk, NY

“Whoever knew that there was such a thing as Organizing Styles? Marcella helped me realize that the organizing strategies that worked for me didn’t necessarily work for my daughter. Once we found what worked for her, we were free! Free from frustration, free from screaming and free to focus on other things! I highly recommend Marcella Moran to all families!”
-Elementary School Parent, Thornwood, NY

“In the fall of 2012 our family had the privilege of meeting an extraordinary woman named Marcella. Equal parts organizational guru, guidance counselor, teacher and friend to my then tenth grade daughter. Navigating the nuances of schoolwork at a rigorous high school proved exceedingly difficult at best and emotionally draining at worst… Positive, proactive and enthusiastic, Marcella mentored and taught my daughter to creatively come up with real practical solutions to manage homework, test prep, and ultimately social challenges inherent to high school. Marcella has always been available to both my husband and me, but most importantly our daughter. She helped us navigate not only the landscape in her current school but help set up a plan for her at college. Three years later I know that our daughter considers Marcella not only a champion of hers, but a friend as well. While our daughter’s organizational issues proved overwhelming years ago, Marcella’s plans helped immensely to create academic coping strategies. Their relationship is one of mutual respect and admiration! I cannot say enough fantastic things about Marcella!”
-High School Parent, Chappaqua, New York