Elementary School

Ashley is in the fourth grade and is struggling academically, especially in language arts. Her teacher reports that Ashley frequently loses her pencils, forgets to hand in her homework and her desk is full of loose papers. When Ashley comes home from school, she has a tough time starting homework and is… read more

Middle School

Andy has always been a B+ to A student except for this year in seventh grade, his grades have dipped into the C range. At the parent conference, Andy’s teachers told his parents that Andy was a very smart and polite boy, seemed to know the answers when called upon in class and his test grades were in the B and A range. However, Andy seemed to… read more

High School

Ann is a tenth grade honor student who plays soccer in the fall and softball in the spring. Not only is she a great athlete, Ann enjoys helping out with the stage crew for the high school winter play. Because of Ann’s rigorous schedule, managing her time after school has always been a challenge. Ann doesn’t come home from school until… read more


Luke had a history of missing assignments, being late to class and other appointments, finishing papers at the last minute and sometimes pulling all nights for studying for a test. This took place while in High School! Luke swore to his parents that college would be different; he’d be out of the house and free to do whatever he wanted. Luke’s “freedom” included… read more